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Please see a selection of client comments below. 

These are a mix of unsolicited and open-ended satisfy survey comments.

"Thank you for the excellent job and the hard work you have put into this project.“Your presentation yesterday was clear and easy to understand and FYI [marketing] today was very happy about this project. “I would appreciate to have a call with you to know more about your agency during next  week.”


“Thank you for your very good presentation this morning!  The whole team felt you handled the presentation very knowledgeably and professionally.  It was very easy to follow.”


“I would like to thank you sincerely for the quality of the report, particularly for the discussion and implications, very well written, that helped us a lot in the interpretation of the study.”


“Thank you so much for an extremely fast and smooth process – I know the brand manager is happy about it and I’m glad I recommended your company.”


“Many thanks [for reaching out] and good to hear from you.  Your survey results were a key component to our efforts to educate [potential licensor] and they were quite impressed by the amount of information we were able to obtain. Right now there are no needs on the horizon but I assure you we will be the first to knock on your door should needs arise.”


“That was one of the best presentations I’ve ever attended.”

VP, Marketing

“[the client] LOVES Kira.  Loves, loves, loves.”

Co-worker to a third party

“After speaking with Deb it’s clear she definitely has a very high opinion of you.”

Co-worker on a former US client

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"[Kira] functioned as a member of my extended team and [her] insights are invaluable."


"They think beyond just research questions to focus on solving business issues  - Being proactive in making recommendations that help enhance clients understanding of the business issue  - Serve as a real business partner."


"Kira is great; can think strategic and details; great at coordinating consistencies across like projects."


"Great customer service and responsiveness particularly from Kira.  Excellent presentation of results to countries."


"Amongst the MOST responsive project/account managers I work with.  They know the therapy area very well.  They are not afraid to offer suggestions or push back.  They are always up for rigorous debate.”


“Kira was exceptional.  She brought methodology expertise as well as business consulting expertise to the table, providing a very high quality project/product at the end.”


“We were very impressed by the completion of this project with good quality outputs within very short time frame.”


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Client Satisfaction Survey

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